Thursday, July 19, 2018

TriCAD Solutions Ltd is a group of nice folk who enjoy their job. We try to our best on every project and over the last 11 years we are proud to say we have a great track record with our clients. Our relationship with our clients is key. We value all clients as if they were friends and aim to be considerred part of any clients structure not just a third party contractor.


Adam Derbyshire

Adam uses our second Leica Total Station and carries out Building & Land Surveys. Adam has many years experience in CAD drawing and after obtaining his BSC Honours in Construction Project Management worked on many Office/Shop refits and built on his building knowledge. Adam has produced building control drawings but currently spends most of his time out on site surveying.

     Mark Wilkin

Mark is our senior surveyor, not just because he is the oldest! Mark has been carrying out surveys in the wildest weather the longest. Whenever an internal/external split on a job is required Mark is always kept outdoors. He is a dedicated surveyor, carrying out the task with great care and detail. If you can tell Mark what you want it for he will often ensure that perhaps little bits not asked for are also identified, ensuring your data not only meets but surpasses your requirements.

    Mark Drummond

Mark is the person who normally answers the phone. Your first port of call for a quote and unfortunately the guy who will likely send you the bill at the end. Mark carries out building surveys working in the nice dry warm environment. Mark has over 20 years experience of drawing in CAD and managing projects.





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